Incline Hammer Curl

Pro Tip

Select an incline between 30º-45º and stick with it. The higher the incline, the more you'll train the long head of your biceps.

How To

  1. Lie flat on the bench so that your head, upper back, lower back, and both feet are firmly pressed against the bench and ground at all points while holding two dumbbells at your sides with a neutral grip.
  2. Keeping your upper arm by your side, exhale and raise both dumbbells up towards your shoulders by flexing your arms.
  3. Continue until your arms are fully flexed and the dumbbells cannot be curled any further.
  4. Inhale and lower the dumbbells down, returning to the starting position.

Primary Muscle Groups

Outer Bicep

Outer portion of your bicep.

Outer Forearm

A group of muscles on the outside and sides of your lower arm.

Secondary Muscle Groups

Inner Bicep

Inner portion of your bicep.



When gripping dumbbells, make sure you position your hands in the middle of the bar and not at the end next to the plates.

Incline (Adjustable) Bench Without Rack

You can adjust this bench to various angles depending on your goals. If other rackless bench types are unavailable, you might be able to use this one as a substitute. Only substitute for benches you can match the angle of.


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