Smith Machine Curl

Pro Tip

Unlike other versions of the arm curl, your upper arm may need to move to perform this safely.

How To

  1. Stand upright with feet wider than shoulder-width apart and holding the bar with an underhand grip shoulder-width apart.
  2. Rotate your wrists to unhook the bar.
  3. Exhale and curl the bar upward by bending your arm and raising it in the direction of your shoulders.
  4. Continue curling the bar until it reaches shoulder-level and you cannot curl it any further.
  5. Inhale and lower the bar by bending your arm and bringing your upper arm back to your side, returning to the starting position.
  6. Place the bar back on the hooks.

Primary Muscle Groups

Inner Bicep

Inner portion of your bicep.

Secondary Muscle Groups

Inner Forearm

A group of muscles on the inside of your lower arm.

Outer Bicep

Outer portion of your bicep.


Smith Machine

This machine can be used to reduce the amount of stabilizer muscles needed to perform an exercise.


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