One Arm Cable Curl

Pro Tip

If the handle you select is uncomfortable to grip, you can always substitute it for a more comfortable one.

How To

  1. Stand upright facing the machine holding the cable at shoulder-width with an underhand grip and your other hand resting behind your back.
  2. Exhale and curl the cable up in the direction of your shoulder, avoiding using your legs or back to lift, and keeping your upper arm by your side.
  3. Continue curling the cable with your upper arm by your side until it reaches the level of your shoulder and you cannot curl it any further.
  4. Inhale and lower the cable down, returning it to the starting position.
  5. After all reps are completed, switch sides and repeat the movement. 10 reps prescribed means you should perform 10 reps on each side (20 total).

Primary Muscle Groups

Inner Bicep

Inner portion of your bicep.

Secondary Muscle Groups

Inner Forearm

A group of muscles on the inside of your lower arm.

Lower Back

Center region of your back, spanning from the pelvis to just below the neck. However, parts of it are hidden beneath other muscles. The lower portion is the most visible.


Outer sides of your abdomen.

Outer Bicep

Outer portion of your bicep.


Single Grip Handles

Some exercises may require you to use only one handle. Pay close attention to the animation to verify the number of handles needed.

Single Pulley Tower

If unavailable, you can go to a machine with two towers instead. If you do this, just use one of the two towers.


Exercises that target the same primary muscle groups and require the same equipment.


Exercises that target the same primary muscle groups with different equipment