T-Bar Row

Pro Tip

To increase the range of motion and effectiveness of this movement, use smaller sized weight plates on the bar.

How To

  1. Stand over the bar with a flat back leaned forward slightly greater than parallel to the ground, with your arms extended underneath your shoulders.
  2. Grasping the bar close to the plate without touching the plate, exhale and row the bar upward by driving your elbows toward your back and squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  3. Continue raising the bar while tucking your elbows in until the plate stops you from bringing your arms back further, continuing to keep your torso and legs from moving.
  4. Inhale and lower the bar down by extending at your arms and allowing your shoulder blades to part, returning to the starting position.

Primary Muscle Groups


Largest muscle of your back, spanning from the lower to middle regions creating a v shape.

Secondary Muscle Groups

Back Shoulder

Outer region of your upper back as well as the back area of your shoulder.

Inner Bicep

Inner portion of your bicep.

Lower Back

Center region of your back, spanning from the pelvis to just below the neck. However, parts of it are hidden beneath other muscles. The lower portion is the most visible.

Outer Bicep

Outer portion of your bicep.

Outer Forearm

A group of muscles on the outside and sides of your lower arm.

Upper Back

A significant portion of the upper region of your back. It is widest in the middle, forming a diamond shape that connects the middle of your back to both of your shoulder blades and the upper portion of your neck. It is comprised of three regions. Each region has a different function and is trained in different ways.



Make sure to always use weight clips whenever you use a barbell, to prevent the plates from sliding off.

Landmine Holder

This device is used to orient a barbell in a specific way. To use it, insert one end of a barbell into its opening.


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