If you are new to FitnessAI and are working out differently than you have in the past, you may feel sore following workouts. It will take your muscles some time to adjust to your new routine and get used to working in new ways. Before then, a tolerable amount of soreness is to be expected.

Soreness is not an indication of muscle growth. So, if you are in a consistent workout routine, you should not be experiencing extreme soreness. Some soreness or slight post-workout strain on your muscles is okay, especially if you’re just starting out or had an intense workout.

If your soreness is getting in the way of everyday activities or your future workouts, you may be working out too hard or practicing bad form. If you’re not happy with your workout unless you feel sore, you’re not thinking about the big picture! Don’t be fooled into thinking that soreness means progress. The proof isn’t in the pain.

Real fitness goals take time to achieve. While feeling sore the morning after your workout may make you feel like you succeeded in pushing your body, true fitness breakthroughs come in other forms. Feeling comfortable lifting weights that were once a challenge, being able to comfortably complete sets that once seemed impossible, feeling a renewed energy and seeing gains in the mirror beats soreness any day.

Patience is key, so keep at it!

Happy Lifting 💪